When you Google businesses in your area, do you have to wade through dozens of pages before you find your own? Search engine optimization (SEO) helps you rank higher in search results so that people can find you faster.

There are two main ways to improve your SEO: through tech and through content. Content changes are the most effective way to boost SEO, and if they’re done right you’ll see results quickly.

Tech Tweaks

On the tech side, your web developer needs to build your site in a way that helps Google index it. They’ll do this when creating a new website from scratch. Sometimes it’s possible to do this with an existing site—talk to your developer if you’re curious. Speed of your website and its accessibility to mobile users will also affect SEO.

Content Improvements

If you already have a site, you can boost SEO by working on your content. Luckily, making sure you have the right things on your site is within your control.

List Your Contact Information

Listing your name, address, and phone number on your website is crucial for local SEO. This helps you rank higher when users search for your business in the area. You should also set up your Google My Business profile with a matching name, address, and phone number. Since the profile is a Google product, it will tie into search results.

Get User Reviews

Having reviews of your business online will also help your SEO. The most helpful place to leave reviews is on Google. Ask clients or customers to write a review.

Build Links To Your Site

The most effective way to improve your SEO is by having other sites link to yours. The best sources of links are sites that Google considers high quality. Google measures the authority of a site by checking how many sites link to it and how much traffic it receives—the more the better. For example, Google sees a reputable newspaper as more authoritative than your blog. If you’re a local business, local traffic is also more important than international.

Build your links by networking. Ask around if you’re not sure who should link to you. Where are your customers finding you or others like you?

Implementing these content changes will help you outperform other local websites in search engines. If you do the work, your improvement can be quick, too. Ultimately, good SEO comes down to offering what people want. They want to find you. They want to understand whether you’re a good investment of their time and money. And they want to know how to contact you. If you create good content to serve those needs, you’ll see your business rank higher in search results.


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