Building a website doesn’t take as long as you might think. It doesn’t need to be a months-long process. Though it requires some preparation on your part, we’re able to make a WordPress site in three weeks. Here’s what happens during that time.

Setting Expectations

At the outset, we’ll want to have clear expectations of one another. While the project’s ongoing, you’ll need to be able to dedicate time to it. Being able to respond to emails and attend meetings will speed work along. Consider it an investment in the quality of your website. It’s also a good idea to know what the decision-making process is for your organization. If your board needs to approve the design, the project may take longer, since you need to wait for the board to meet. Plan for the schedules of decision makers.

Determining Features

Before we start designing your site, we have you fill out a discovery document with defined questions. You tell us about your business, including your opportunities, competition, challenges and what you hope to achieve. Doing this helps us understand your needs. After all, you know your industry and business better than we know it.

Once that’s done, we have a kickoff meeting with everyone who will work on the project. At that meeting, we go over the document to hone in on your needs. You’ll have a wish list of features you want to have on your site. Try to be as specific as possible about the functionality you’d like. We can tell you which features we’ll be able to build.

Outlining Content

As part of your planning process, we’ll also ask you to draft a wish list of content for your site. Why are you building a website? What do people need to learn about you or find from you by visiting it? Get a rough draft of your website’s content ready in advance of our start date. In an ideal situation, the website design will support your content. We’ll help you distil the content down to the right stuff and we’ll design around it.

Planning the User Experience

Once we understand your features and content, we’ll plan out the user experience for your site. We’ll decide how a user can best navigate your content. This step includes a sitemap, which is a diagram of how all the content relates to itself, and wireframes, a sketch of how users will navigate between pages. Often, we consult with you on this and get your approval. Sometimes clients aren’t interested in being involved in this step, but we like collaboration.

Creating the Design

With the user experience in mind, we then start creating the website design and any custom page layouts. These will be built according to WordPress best practices. The design is how we present your website, which includes the colours and fonts on the page. If you have brand guidelines, we’ll implement them here. While we’re working on this step, we’ll show you design patterns and explain why we’re using them. You might find this part the most fun!

Building the Site

Once you like the design and page layouts, we build your website. We’ll set up the content management system (CMS) and develop the customized WordPress website.

While we’re building the site, we also work on quality assurance. This includes checking for bugs as well as making sure the website operates smoothly and intuitively. We love for you to be involved in testing. As with any software development, you should expect bugs. Before the website launches, we’ll have you take a look at it to try to find them.

Delivering the Finished Product

On the last day of development, we’ll have a sit-down training session going through all the customizable options on the website. This includes being able to modify any text on the site, changing menu options, changing images, and so on. We know it’s a lot to take in, so you can play with it and ask questions after the fact. We’ll be there to answer any training questions you have and to fix bugs.

At the end of three weeks, the website’s ready to launch. You’re good to go!



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