They said land of the living skies, not land of the STIs

Jillian Arkles-Schwandt, Executive Director of Saskatoon Sexual Health, wanted to do something about the alarming rates of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in Saskatoon. She knew the organization wasn't running as effectively as it could be, and was wondering what she could do. In 2015, we started by defining the problem with Jillian and her team, and have since been working closely with SSH to further modernize their organization.

Saskatoon Sexual Health (SSH) is a community organization that provides sexual and reproductive health services. They place emphasis on safe, inclusive and empowering care and education, with a goal to promote healthy and informed sexualities. Our partnership started with Territorial partner Scott Borys joining the board of SSH with the intent of creating social impact.

Territorial was founded in 2006 with the mission to create impact for environmental for-purpose organizations, and we’ve decided to expand our mission to include social justice organizations. Scott led a Discovery process to better understand the issues their organization was facing.

We identified that SSH’s existing marketing materials and operations were preventing them from appealing to granting agencies and donors as well as certain client demographics.

Together we have really grown and shaped SSH in a way that makes me feel like I am leaving it in a much better place than when I arrived. You folks are true pillars of our community; you all have given so much to me and to SSH – really going above and beyond anything I could have ever imagined.

Jillian Arkles-Schwandt

— Executive Director, Saskatoon Sexual Health

Jillian Arkles-Schwandt

— Executive Director, SSH

Scott Borys

— Partner/COO, Territorial
Condom wrapper with text REGINA: The city that rhymes with fun.
Condom wrapper with text SASKATOON: wanna spoon?
Condom wrapper with text CLIMAX: Please come again.
Condom wrapper with text toronto is big, but this is BIGGAR.
Phone with website on it

Wrap It Up SK

The goal of the innovative #WrapItUpSK campaign was to increase condom use and level of acceptance among Saskatchewan youth. The cheeky slogans and condom design were developed with input from youth focus groups led by the Territorial team. Keeping the youth audience top of mind, Vero Kokolus and Kirstie Seier then planned and designed the mobile-first campaign website, and developer Ozzie Neher made it a reality.

The public response has been nothing short of incredible – the campaign was shared widely on social media and picked up by mass media, including CBC News, Global News, and Huffington Post.

  • 128,000

    Free condoms distributed in Saskatoon & Area, 2016-2017

  • 34% Increase

    In distribution than previous years

Various media that show the WrapItUp Campaign
The most effective, professional, and fun marketing campaign I have ever seen!
A very important issue that deserves very important attention and the campaign did so with intelligence, dignity, and sassiness. Encourages talking, discussion, education and makes us smile; how wonderful. Reflects well on the province.
Thank you very much for your ingenuity, social support, and having the distinct ability to be en pointe.

Satisfied Citizen

— Somewhere in Saskatchewan
Six condoms in various First Nations languages

Thanks to the overwhelming success of the #WrapItUpSK campaign, we were approached by AIDS Saskatoon who wished to customize and extend the campaign to First Nations communities living in northern Saskatchewan. The condoms are designed with slogans in Cree, Dene, Michif, and English, and use humorous puns to engage people in safer sex practices. Over 100,000 condoms have been distributed within 47 northern Saskatchewan communities.

Discovery & Strategy

Old brochure
Old brochure
Old brochure
Old brochure

Their ‘old school’ identity was keeping the organization back in several notable ways. Their name, ‘Sexual Health Centre Saskatoon’, was hard to pronounce and remember, and the similarity to the Health Region’s ‘Sexual Health Clinic’ caused missed appointments and significant confusion for client and donors. Furthermore, the existing brand identity was limiting their ability to reach certain client populations, especially First Nations and men. Comic Sans being their official font didn’t help.

Pictures of six Territorial team members

Clockwise from top left: Ozzie Neher (Developer), Kirstie Seier (Designer), Daniela Flores (Designer), Scott Borys (Lead), Vero Kokolus (Manager), Sarah Etter (Developer)

Scott knew that a large overhaul was required to revitalize the SSH brand, and pulled in most of Territorial’s team for this extensive project. Vero Kokolus managed the project, worked with Kirstie Seier on strategy and rebrand, and even spoke at the Guelph Sexuality Conference about the project. Kirstie designed the new visual identity and brand applications for SSH, as well as the website for their Wrap It Up SK campaign. Daniela Flores designed the rebranded SSH website, and Territorial’s developers Ozzie Neher and Sarah Etter brought both websites to live.


It was decided that the organization needed to become distinct from ‘Sexual Health Clinic’, and a rename was required. The existing visual identity, stationery, and website were unattractive, limiting their appeal to target demographics and decreasing effectiveness when trying to access funding.

Old logo

Original Logo

Old logo

Initial Concept

Old logo

Second Concept

Old logo

Final Logo Design

Name Design

Scott and Jill engaged the entire organization and board in the renaming process. Initially, the plan was to come up with a completely new name, but throughout the process we identified a decent amount of brand equity, especially with relation to funders and donors. We investigated many different options, from Wildflower to Sexpert to Sex + Saskatoon, but ultimately ‘Saskatoon Sexual Health’ fit the strategy requirements best.

Visual Identity

The old logo, affectionately known as ‘Sweater Guy’, was a legacy from the organization’s previous identity as a chapter of Planned Parenthood. Jill and her team had identified that Planned Parenthood in the United States was receiving negative media attention and they wanted to distance themselves from that attention - while at the same time having their brand reflect the diversity of their clientele.

The team at Territorial kicked the process off with a brand review, client interviews, and market analysis to explore various new directions for the organization’s brand identity. From the actual logomark to colour palette and photo treatments, Kirstie and Vero worked together to come up with a fresh visual identity that’s distinctly theirs and achieves the organization’s brand and positioning goals.

Various brand applications

Brand Applications

It’s a bad sign when employees are embarrassed to hand out business cards and other marketing material.

This embarrassment prevented them from represent their organization, and limited their ability to receive grants and donations. We re-did most of their stationery and various brand applications so that their team can fully commit to the ideals of the organization and feel proud of being associated with Saskatoon Sexual Health.

New Stationary Items

Website Design and Development

Websites have changed quite a bit since SSH’s old logo and website were designed. Daniela sought to simplify their web presence and make it attractive for the client demographic, and to position their organization as mature, professional, and effective to appeal to donors and funders. Sarah developed the new website for Saskatoon Sexual Health, and Jill and her team love how it reflects on their organization.

Progress shots of the website
Weʼve loved working with Jill, Natalya, Amanda, and the team at Saskatoon Sexual Health. Territorial is incredibly proud of the partnership and the work that our team has done to help wipe out STIs in our province.

Scott Borys

— Partner/COO, Territorial

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Daren McLean

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