We believe that we can move towards this world through our partnerships with for-profit and for-purpose organizations.

We’ve seen firsthand the pain that mental illness causes. At Territorial, several of our employees suffer from mental health issues. Our COO, Scott Borys, is open about his experience with a depressive episode that severely impaired him and left him unable to work in 2016 and 2017.

We approach mental health as any other subject at Territorial: with empathy and acceptance. Mental health challenges are the single largest factors that result in time away from work and personal anguish. We are improving our approach every day.

Mental Health App Project

We're currently building an app that will allow people with mental illness to build a support network out of their friends and families through open communication, positive reinforcement, and training. We’re going ahead with this app and expect to launch in the fall of 2018. We're seeking partners to co-fund this project and help us make a difference.

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Book Us to Speak

Building on our experience of navigating mental health issues in the workplace, Territorial offers an engaging talk designed for corporate audiences.

How to Create a Mental Health Friendly Workplace

We believe that every company can make small changes that will create huge impact for employees and their families. Territorial’s partners, Daren McLean and Scott Borys, will talk about their experience creating a mental health friendly workplace. Expect to learn about real benefits of reducing time off and improving workplace morale.

#PayItForward for Mental Health

Crocus Co-op is a member guided co-operative that works on behalf of people with mental health disabilities. For the past two years, Territorial has bought lunch for Crocus members on Random Act of Kindness Day – but this year, we’re raising the bar.

Crocus required a better online presence to communicate to potential members, partners and funders why their mission is so important to Saskatoon. Rather than waiting for months while trying to source grant funds, the team at Territorial rolled up their sleeves and dived into an intensive one-week sprint to produce an effective, customized website that would meet the strategic needs of Crocus Co-op.

The dynamic process was shared daily via social media, which has brought the attention of Saskatoon’s digital and tech community to the issue. Crocus Co-op is thrilled with the outcome of our combined efforts.

At Territorial, we believe in pouring ourselves and our resources into local companies and organizations that make a difference. Over the last year, we’ve been very fortunate to work with amazing client partners, such as International Road Dynamics and Curbie, so we’re excited for the opportunity to #payitforward.


We’re making a difference for people dealing with mental health issues. Let's talk.

Scott Borys

Partner, Territorial



Scott Borys Daren McLean