An IoT platform for customers to manage and maintain their electric vehicle fleet

As the mining machine sector grows, it is imperative to differentiate by providing innovative tools for customers. One of the ways that Prairie Machine’s Rokion does this is by providing TechCenter, a dashboard that helps internal support staff and external clients to manage their equipment fleets.

We worked with Rokion on a React/Laravel/AWS solution to take supplied data and provide a tool that would be agile and responsive to their needs. Significant full-stack optimization was required to provide a snappy look and feel to users. The end result facilitates an experience where clients can be comfortable knowing that their equipment is well-supported.

Customer and Internal Users

Two distinct user groups use the TechCenter platform. First, Rokion customers use the platform to learn and manage their equipment through an interactive knowledge base, support portal, and historical reporting engine. All this information is available to Rokion technicians who are then able to provide a high level of service to their customers.

Custom Reporting

One of the most important features of TechCenter is that both customer and support users can see the status of their equipment. By allowing users the ability to select any date range, users are able to see what any piece of their equipment is doing at any time. This intelligence leads to better troubleshooting of issues and provides quicker support resolution.

While all the data is provided in a helpful user dashboard, power users may want to dig deeper into the data. In order to facilitate this use case, user-defined ranges of data is able to be exported as CSVs to permit a deeper analysis of data.

3D Viewer Integration

One of the challenges for Rokion is to have customers communicate exactly what parts they need to support their machines. In order to solve this challenge, Rokion users are able to upload models direct from Solidworks to their parts catalogue using Autodesk Forge. From there, these models are provided to a customized Autodesk Viewer to allow customers to explode and navigate models to find out exactly what parts they need.

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