In 2013, the Mental Health Commission of Canada developed the National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace (the Standard). This standard provided a large amount of information about psychological safety, but was hard for small and medium businesses to implement. Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS) worked with the Conference Board of Canada and Dr. Bill Howatt to create an innovative Roadmap program focused on building tools for these businesses to use in their psychological safety missions.

Prior to COVID-19, WSPS delivered their material in-person. After the pandemic hit, things had to change. WSPS had a problem with delivering their content to workplaces throughout Ontario, and decided they had to deliver the Roadmap program in a scalable, virtual platform. The Mental Harm Prevention tool was developed as this platform.

Helping Businesses to Build Psychologically Safe Workplaces

Wireframes detailing a variety of screens throughout the platform

Online Education Platform

WSPS first brought up the idea of transferring their in-person service to an online platform when our team was collaborating on Territorial's mental health app, Hugr. They wanted an interactive and engaging web application that could not only match the levels of their face-to-face assessments, but also exceed its capabilities in being easily accessible.

The problem we identified revolved around the Standard usually being too complex to understand, and the visuals not being compelling enough to generate action. Working within the existing WSPS brand guidelines and implementing custom illustrations, we developed an engaging microsite.

Technologically, WSPS's main website used Craft CMS and Azure. In order to create a maintainable solution, we built the solution using the same tools.

Sample UI Library

Sample Illustrations

Extending The Brand

WSPS had a comprehensive set of brand guidelines that we incorporated into the design of the site. However, the brand guidelines only got us so far: in order to be effective for our target audience, we needed to make the identity more accessible. Our team created custom illustrations that extended the brand to both provide a consistent look and feel with the corporate site while providing a friendlier, more engaging experience.

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